Weekend Recap

Mondays are usually a drag, but today starts a week of Shawn being home on vacation, which is really just the icing on the cake to a great weekend!

We had a family day on Friday at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. I had tried to take Maverick by myself a few weeks ago, but it was so hot and miserable, we didn’t stay long. Luckily, this time the weather was absolutely beautiful and Shawn was there to keep up with Maverick while this pregnant mama brought up the rear.


Maverick’s favorite part was by far the baby goats. He wasn’t interested in feeding them the bottles, but he sure loved petting them!


We tried checking out the ducks and the fish, but Maverick could have cared less. He was just upset that he couldn’t get in the pond to swim with them.



Seriously though, could these guys get any cuter?! LOVE!

We also did the wagon ride, walked through the butterfly garden and enjoyed a sack lunch before heading home for a long nap. It really was a great day with my boys!


Friday night one of Maverick’s favorite teachers from his daycare days came over to babysit so Shawn and I could enjoy a double date with my Mom & step-father, Wayne. We went to Dave & Busters and had an absolute blast! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Plus who doesn’t love arcade games and photo booths?


On Sunday, my mom came over early to help Shawn paint the nursery. In an effort to escape the fumes, Maverick and I met my best friend, Brittany (or better known as Aunt B) at the most delicious bagel place–Meshuggah Bagels. For Kansas City locals, it’s on 39th Street and while the place itself is small inside, the bagels are absolutely to die for!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab any pictures because Maverick not only ate most of his plain bagel with cinnamon sugar schmear, but he also enjoyed part of my sesame bagel with their seasonal pumpkin pie schmear. But trust me when I say they were THE BEST! Maybe we’ll just have to make this a regular Sunday morning outing?

After bagels, Maverick and I ran a few more errands and came home to a painted nursery for Baby Brack #2. The color couldn’t be more perfect, but I’m keeping it a secret until we get it all decorated.

It really was a great weekend and I’m so excited that house projects are getting checked off the list. In fact, I think while Shawn is off this week we are going to try and paint the master bedroom too since it’s the only room in the house that we haven’t painted yet. Plus, we’ll be getting ready for our annual trip to Dallas to visit my grandma.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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