Family Pictures with Missy Moore Photography

As a wife and mother, I have a lot of goals and traditions that I want to uphold for my family. The typical ones, like raising a well-mannered child & getting your favorite dinner on your birthday. And then the ones that make me all giddy and happy inside — annual family pictures & wearing matching PJs on Christmas.

While I have yet to find this year’s Christmas attire (still looking!), I did get to cross annual family pictures off my list for 2016!

The incredibly talented Missy Moore has become our family photographer, if you will. She is the owner of Missy Moore Photography and does an AMAZING job.

This year we took pictures on William Jewell College’s campus and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. It was warm for a fall evening, but bearable which I’m so thankful for because pregnant + heat often ends in a sweaty, nasty mess, but not this time!

Like any mom preparing for family pictures, I stressed about what everyone would wear. Luckily, it came together rather easy this year. Since boys are easier to dress (and don’t really care what they wear), I always try to find my outfit first and then coordinate Shawn & Maverick to what I picked.

Initially when I tried on my dress, I didn’t end up buying it. I was worried it was too tight and settled for a plain, olive green shirt instead. A few days later though, my mom and I were back at Target and I tried the dress on for her and she sold me on it.


Not only was my dress comfortable, but I LOVE the color and I think it was a perfect fit for my growing bump.

shirt / jeans / shoes

As for the boys, I also found Maverick’s shirt at Target (and on clearance!) which I paired with his favorite pair of Old Navy jeans that we already owned and his Converse tennis shoes.

For Shawn, I picked up a shirt at Kohl’s and he paired it with his go-to jeans and some dress shoes.


My favorite thing about working with Missy is that she offers photo sessions that only last 30 minutes. It makes it easy to fit into our crazy schedule and it’s the perfect time length for active toddlers (and bored husbands).

I absolutely love this year’s pictures and I can’t wait for her to come to the house to shoot Baby Brack #2’s newborn pictures when she arrives in February.

The VERY best part about annual pictures, though? Seeing how much has changed in a year.



Thank you again, Missy! You are fabulous!

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