Happy Friday! Here are 5 random things to top off your week:

one. Remember when I said that our annual matching family Christmas pajamas was one of my most favorite things ever? Well, guess what arrived in the mail this week?! I found this year’s set at The Children’s Place. Yes, even for Shawn & I! They have adult sizes in their sleepwear section! I was shocked and the best part, they were 50% off and I got free shipping. Is it Christmas Eve yet?!


two. On Wednesday, Maverick spent all afternoon & evening wearing only his shirt and raincoat. He saw it hanging in his closet after his nap and requested he wear it. It was absolutely adorable!


Since his birthday is coming up in December, I’m wondering if I should get him some dress up clothes? I think he would LOVE this.


three. Speaking of jackets that my son loves to wear, I found this little gem at Sears. It’s perfect for these fall mornings we have been having. It’s fleece-lined so its warmer than a regular hoodie, but lighter than his winter coat. Best part? It’s on sale!


four. I pride myself on being a great planner, but I have desperately failed with Halloween this year. I haven’t even begun to prepare Maverick’s costume and when I was looking at the calendar this morning, I realized that I scheduled my pregnancy glucose test for the morning AFTER Halloween!! Looks like I’ll be celebrating this weekend with candy and not on Monday evening. Boo.

five. Shawn has been traveling for work and has been gone every week this month, but today he comes home and is home for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! This is big!! I hope he is ready for it because this mama needs a nap.

Happy Friday everybody!! Have a great weekend!

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