Finally Friday

Thank goodness it’s finally Friday! It has been a LONG week–so much crying, so many tantrums and not ever enough sleep. Luckily, we’ve survived the first month of Kennedy’s life (update coming soon–I promise!) and I hope we can start settling into more of a routine. In the meantime, my focus is going to be reigning in Maverick. My once sweet, perfect little boy has turned into a full-on nightmare! I know it’s a) part of being 2 years old and b) his way of coping with his new sister, but it’s starting to get out of control. I mean, just yesterday, he kicked Kennedy and bit my mom all within a few hours of each other. NOT OKAY!

But anyways, let’s get to it, shall we?

{one} This weekend I will be stepping away from the children for the first time in a month and enjoying a relaxing afternoon with one of my good friends from college. The agenda includes a sushi lunch date, manicures and a lot of gossip. I don’t know what I am more excited for–seeing my friend, eating raw fish or just not having to wipe anybody else’s ass for a few hours. Good luck Shawn!

{two} When I was pregnant with Maverick, my sister gave me this stuffed giraffe for him. I put it in his nursery and it sat on a shelf for well over a year. One day Maverick just grabbed the giraffe and ever since then it has become his lovie. In fact, he loves all giraffes so much now that he has 3 Gigis (as he calls him) that he takes just about everywhere. The other morning he was lugging them around the house, singing “Gigi, Gigi, Gigi” and I just so happened to snap this quick picture. Isn’t he adorable when he isn’t terrorize everything and everyone?


{three} For Christmas, my mom got me these sweatpants. I was super excited simply because of the Mom Life brand, but also I have seen them all over my Instagram feed. They claimed to be the most comfortable sweats ever and let me tell you, they so are!! I probably wear these more than I should and for several days in a row, if I’m being honest, but I can’t get over how much I love them! And when I was checking out the website, they now have a lighter gray color too.


Ezra & Eli

Is it bad I want those too? Oh and can I add a few of their adorable shirts to my wish list while I am at?


{four} I realized yesterday that in 1 month, Shawn and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary!! It’s super exciting, even though we feel as though we’ve been married for so much longer. We know we want to do something special for it and it will probably be the first time since Kennedy that we will be going out, just the two of us. Any recommendations on what we should or where we should go within Kansas City? Typically, our date nights are spent at Buffalo Wild Wings (classy, I know) so I’d like to step it up a little bit.

{five} Remember when I said that Maverick has been a nightmare? Here’s a picture I sent to my mom earlier this week of him in one of his many timeouts. Dear Lord, please help me get through another week. It’s going to be a rough one as Shawn leaves for his first trip since January!


Happy Friday guys!!

One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. Maybe try giving him two choices. When you want him to do something say he can do it now or in 2 min. He’s making the choice. He can sit on the left side or the right side. Both good choices yet empowering him to make. The main thing that has helped me with Taityn is no tv. Taking it away for a consequence but even on days when shes good and them i have to turn it off she acts ugly the rest of the day. Im really really limiting tv. That includes movies- shes doing so much better with entertaining herself and for longer periods. Also since your home lots right now with the weather & a new sister’s schedule try to set up some in home centers. Building center with legos/blocks on kitchen floor while you do dishes. Dance party in living room while both are awake. Stop music to work on balance and new moves. Read books by the laundry room while you throw in a load he can look at books. Try to find a rotation of toys & activities. Then you’ll find some he loves and he’d be sad if it got taken away. Good luck! Can’t wait to see you all!!!


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