4th of July | 2017

It’s almost August and I’m just now posting about our 4th of July–that’s cool, right?

Anyways, we really did have a great holiday, despite rain keeping us from enjoying it like we had planned. We still made sure to have fun though.

Every since I can remember, the city of Parkville, Mo., has held a 4th of July carnival and a parade. So on Saturday before the holiday, we met up with my Mom & stepfather to take the kids to the carnival. I’ve never been very good at paying attention to the weather, but I REALLY should’ve at least stepped outside before loading my littles into the van and dragging them to a carnival, in no shade, on blacktop, during the hottest day we had had yet. WE WERE MELTING!

Maverick didn’t seem to mind, but all of us adults were miserable and I was worried about Kennedy getting too hot. So we very quickly hit up some carnival rides before bailing & heading to my mom’s house for some pizza and air-conditioning.

Shawn insisted on taking Maverick down the big slide. I was absolutely terrified, but I remember going down slides like this with my Dad when I was little so I let Mav go. Naturally, they both loved it.

Maverick also rode the carousel with me and did the mirror house with Grammi, but his favorite was by far the games. I can’t blame him though, I mean, look at that skill!

On July 4th, we were hoping to take the kids to the Parkville Parade, but we woke up to thunderstorms. So at last minute we decided to take the kids out for breakfast (which always sounds like a better idea then it actually turns out being) and of course, I still had to get them dressed up in their red, white & blue.

I didn’t go too crazy with the outfits this year. I picked up Maverick’s shirt at a consignment sale because I’ve learned that every time I spend money a cute outfit for him, he ruins it–somehow, someway. Plus, he will currently only wear Kansas City Royals shirts, so the $2 consignment sale shirt was perfect since I know he won’t ever wear it again. Unless of course, he starts wearing only flag shirts, then I’ll be prepared.

For Kennedy’s outfit though, my mom found it at Cracker Barrel and picked up for her when she was still a newborn. It fit perfectly and the headband was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

By the time the evening rolled around, the rain had cleared, but Shawn and I had already decided that the kids are still a little young for a big firework show. I think next year Maverick will definitely be ready, but this year, we opted for some small fireworks (smoke bombs, sparklers, poppers) in our driveway.

I’m afraid Maverick is a mini pyro in the making because he wasn’t afraid of the fireworks at all. Not even when our neighbor started setting off the big ones when we were outside. He kept asking for more and getting him to go inside was a little bit of struggle.

After the kids got to bed, Shawn & I sat on the back patio and watched the fireworks from all over the neighborhood. It was a good way to end a relaxing holiday and I’m excited for next year, but hopefully with less rain.

Kennedy | 5 Months

5 months old? How did this happen? How did we make it to this point? There have so many times that I thought we’d never survive the early newborn days and yet it seems unbelievable that it’s already been 5 months since our little princess joined our family.


It’s funny to me how different Kennedy is from her brother. I know they are 2 different people, but they really couldn’t be more opposite. When Maverick was little, he was easy-going. He would sleep anywhere, loved to eat & was just so happy. Kennedy on the other hand is a little more particular.

When she’s tired, she’s screaming, but she can’t sleep just anywhere. She needs to be in her room, with her white noise machine & preferably held with a pacifier or nursing. When it comes time to eat, she can’t have any distractions– no TV, no brother running around & definitely no talking. Sometimes she even gets really picky and likes to have her feet positioned just so on top of my arm. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. Girl just knows what she likes and really, I can’t blame her.

Overall she is a happy baby. She wakes up smiling in the morning and as long as she isn’t overly tired or hungry, she’s happy to play. If she had her pick though, she’d prefer to be held and walked around so she can take in the world around her.

This month Kennedy has really started teething though. It’s obvious she is cutting her 2 bottom teeth, as they are just below the gums, but haven’t broken through yet. Poor girl has all the classic teething symptoms too–constant drool, diarrhea, fussiness & chewing on everything. I have given her Tylenol a couple of times, but it hasn’t seemed to help much. Her favorite forms of relief are her pacifier and sucking on receiving blankets.


Weight: 13 lbs. 7 oz.

Height: Unknown

Currently Wearing: 3-6 months clothes–if the outfit has feet, like her pajamas it has to be 6 months, otherwise they are too short. I think she might be taller than her brother!

Hair Color: Dark brown & getting thicker

Eye Color: Dark brown and eyelashes for days

Likes: Chewing on her hands, her Daddy (he is her favorite!), sucking on receiving blankets, playing in her Exersaucer, playing with Daddy & brother & being walked around so she can see the world

Dislikes: Naps, being left alone, tummy time, getting dressed & teething

Milestones: Kennedy can roll from her belly to back, with a little bit of help, but she hasn’t mastered back to belly yet–probably because she HATES being her on belly. She will put weight on her feet if you stand her up & she is reaching and grabbing for anything in sight. We have started to implement the “Baby Radius” at the dinner table because she isn’t afraid to grab food or utensils right off the plate. She has also started to grab at Maverick’s ears if he is close enough and it’s creating quite an issue because he wants to do it back to her. She loves to coo and is trying hard to sit up. If you lay her down & she doesn’t want to be laid down she will lift her head & legs up, making a little V and try to get up herself.

Favorite Food(s): Mommy’s milk still

Sleeping: I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted in my whole life. Kennedy is the worst sleeper…EVER! We’ve done every sleep training, self-soothing, comforting technique we can find. We’ve rocked, walked, bounced, swung & drove her. She’s been swaddled, partially swaddled and not swaddled. We’ve purchased blackout curtains & white noise machines. You name it, we’ve tried it. She goes to bed every night at 7 PM, only to wake up again within a couple of hours and from there she’s up every hour to two hours until her day starts at 7 AM. Naps–if we can even get her down for one–are considered a success if she sleeps for an hour. I’m praying this gets better soon. It has to, right? Because Kennedy, momma is so very tired.

Favorite Mommy Moment: When she wakes up in the morning, she plays in her crib until I come in to get her. As soon as Kennedy sees me, she flaps her arms really big and has the best smile & when I pick her up, she reaches out & grabs my face like she’s trying to give me a hug. She usually ends up pulling my hair, but it’s still the best moment of my day. It’s as if she is saying, “Good morning Mommy” and I love it! She’s so happy when she wakes up.





Happy 5 Months, Miss Kennedy Joy! We love you xoxo