4th of July | 2017

It’s almost August and I’m just now posting about our 4th of July–that’s cool, right?

Anyways, we really did have a great holiday, despite rain keeping us from enjoying it like we had planned. We still made sure to have fun though.

Every since I can remember, the city of Parkville, Mo., has held a 4th of July carnival and a parade. So on Saturday before the holiday, we met up with my Mom & stepfather to take the kids to the carnival. I’ve never been very good at paying attention to the weather, but I REALLY should’ve at least stepped outside before loading my littles into the van and dragging them to a carnival, in no shade, on blacktop, during the hottest day we had had yet. WE WERE MELTING!

Maverick didn’t seem to mind, but all of us adults were miserable and I was worried about Kennedy getting too hot. So we very quickly hit up some carnival rides before bailing & heading to my mom’s house for some pizza and air-conditioning.

Shawn insisted on taking Maverick down the big slide. I was absolutely terrified, but I remember going down slides like this with my Dad when I was little so I let Mav go. Naturally, they both loved it.

Maverick also rode the carousel with me and did the mirror house with Grammi, but his favorite was by far the games. I can’t blame him though, I mean, look at that skill!

On July 4th, we were hoping to take the kids to the Parkville Parade, but we woke up to thunderstorms. So at last minute we decided to take the kids out for breakfast (which always sounds like a better idea then it actually turns out being) and of course, I still had to get them dressed up in their red, white & blue.

I didn’t go too crazy with the outfits this year. I picked up Maverick’s shirt at a consignment sale because I’ve learned that every time I spend money a cute outfit for him, he ruins it–somehow, someway. Plus, he will currently only wear Kansas City Royals shirts, so the $2 consignment sale shirt was perfect since I know he won’t ever wear it again. Unless of course, he starts wearing only flag shirts, then I’ll be prepared.

For Kennedy’s outfit though, my mom found it at Cracker Barrel and picked up for her when she was still a newborn. It fit perfectly and the headband was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

By the time the evening rolled around, the rain had cleared, but Shawn and I had already decided that the kids are still a little young for a big firework show. I think next year Maverick will definitely be ready, but this year, we opted for some small fireworks (smoke bombs, sparklers, poppers) in our driveway.

I’m afraid Maverick is a mini pyro in the making because he wasn’t afraid of the fireworks at all. Not even when our neighbor started setting off the big ones when we were outside. He kept asking for more and getting him to go inside was a little bit of struggle.

After the kids got to bed, Shawn & I sat on the back patio and watched the fireworks from all over the neighborhood. It was a good way to end a relaxing holiday and I’m excited for next year, but hopefully with less rain.

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