Day Out With Thomas 2017

Maverick is obsessed with all things that have wheels–cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes & especially trains. So when I found out that the Midway Railway was hosting a Day Out With Thomas, I knew it was a family outing we had to do.


From our house, the Midway Railway is about an hour away. We figured we could leave first thing in the morning, ride Thomas the Train, do ALL the activities and be back on the road by nap time. In theory, it was a really great plan.

We hadn’t told Maverick that we were going (mainly because I didn’t want to listen to him asking 800 times an hour all day, every day leading up to it), so when we woke him up that morning, we just told him that we had a special day planned. Lucky for us, he’s still at the age where he doesn’t question where we are going when we get in the car. Plus, he was totally content with an hour long drive, thanks to some QT donuts!

Baldwin City was a great host to Day Out With Thomas. They have clearly been doing this awhile because as soon as you pulled into town, there were signs everywhere directing you to the free parking lots. I had read online that shuttle buses ran every 10 minutes to take to you the railway. Now, I’m one of those people who don’t like to feel rushed. It makes me anxious and as luck would have it, the second we parked, the bus pulled up to take us to the railway. Since we hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet, Shawn & I were scrambling to get everything & everyone together and we were hot messes. I still don’t know why we didn’t just tell the bus to go ahead & wait for the next one, but we didn’t & in the mad dash, we left behind necessities–snacks, water cups, Maverick’s hat, sunscreen–but we made it on the bus.

Maverick still had NO idea what was happening, but he was so excited to be riding a school bus. I mean, really, we could of just skipped the whole Thomas part & rode the bus all day and he would have been just fine.

Anyways, we pulled up to the railway and after unloading, we told Maverick that we were going to go ride Thomas the Train. Shawn was recording Mav’s reaction on his phone in hopes of having the next viral video and of course, Maverick responded with, “Okay.” Kids, I swear.

Rushing to get on the bus, threw us off and when we entered the railway, the announcer was calling to “board Thomas” so of course, we ran to get in line. We were hoping to get one of the open cars, but they were full so we settled for a closed car. We boarded our train car & the whole thing was decked out in Thomas the Train decorations–complete with the Thomas soundtrack playing. At this point, Maverick’s excitement kicked in and thank God, because it was 100 million degrees inside that old train car & I was going to be really pissed if he wasn’t LOVING every minute.


As we were waiting for the “All Aboard,” Percy passed us on the railroad.


Maverick loved waving to Percy & the passengers on the train. We didn’t get tickets to ride Percy too, but I think in the future, we definitely will.

Percy & Mav

While we sat there & I collected my nerves, Shawn looked at me and goes, “What time is our ticket for again?” I said, “11, why?” When we purchased our tickets, you have to select a train departure time. Shawn looked at me and said, “It’s only 10. We are on the wrong train!”

At this point, I couldn’t help but laugh. Our perfectly planned morning had been nothing short of a disaster & we hadn’t even left the train station yet! We had been running around, forgetting things, hustling the children about & we were a whole hour early! I was just praying that nobody would notice because over my dead body was I going to drag my train-loving 2-year-old off that train without it leaving. Can you imagine the meltdown?! Thankfully, nobody noticed (or cared).

MLB on Train

The train ride was 30 minutes long & on the way back, we had to help Thomas get back to the station by yelling “Pull Thomas Pull.” All the children were rewarded a Junior Conductor Certificate for helping and clearly Maverick was VERY pleased with himself.

Conductor Cert

He’s excited, I promise.

After we got off the train (and saw everyone lining up for the 11:00 train…oops!), we got to enjoy all of the activities. They had train tables for kids to play with, a petting zoo, train cars to play on & a movie area to watch Thomas the Train. Maverick was most interested in playing at the train tables & watching the movie. Shawn did take him to meet Sir Topham Hatt though.


I snapped this picture seconds before Maverick realized who was next to them and started screaming. He was terrified of Sir Topham Hatt. Poor guy!

We ended the day in the gift shop tent, because of course, we had to buy another train while we were there. While I walked around with Kennedy, Shawn patiently waited with Maverick while he examined EVERY train they sold before settling on Connor–who he calls Thomas.

The bus took us back to our car and our already cluster of a day ended with me nearly breaking my ankle by taking the short cut to the car through the uneven grassy terrain. I was fine, but it was really the icing on the cake. Now I can laugh about the whole day & really the main thing is that Maverick had no idea that most everything went wrong & Shawn and I are MUCH better prepared for next year.



Happy 2nd Birthday Maverick!!

To Maverick,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Today, you are 2-years-old and I’m still trying to figure out how that is possible. It feels like just yesterday your Daddy and I were checking into the hospital to welcome you into this world, but here you are–a 2-year-old little boy!

You are the light to my life and a joy to anybody who gets to spend time with you. There isn’t a day that goes by that someone doesn’t comment on how happy you are. Smiling, laughing & just being silly easily rank among your top favorite things to do. It’s rare that we see you sad (unless you are tired or hungry) and oftentimes you have the ability to turn my own attitude around with your smile and sweet hugs.

Over the last several months I have watched you blossom! You are running, jumping, kicking & dancing non-stop. You are communicating your wants and needs, especially your favorite foods–pancakes, waffles, donos (AKA donuts), cheese & pezza (AKA pizza)–and you are starting to string words together, like “pretty please” and “high five.” I’m continually amazed at what you have learned simply by observing the world around you. I mean, just yesterday you went potty on the big boy potty for the first time, without any prepping or anything. You just did it!! And trust me, we celebrated!! Seriously Mav, you are smart beyond your years and your Dad and I are dreading the day that it comes back to bite us in the butt.

Speaking of your Daddy, he is your best friend. The two of you are like two peas in a pod, constantly getting into trouble & raising the volume in this household by at least 1,000. You mimic everything your Daddy does (including that one word four-letter word that starts with an “F”) and you miss him so much when he is gone that it hurts. Thank goodness for FaceTime!


Next to spending time with your Daddy, your favorite things consists of baseball (everything is a ball or bat to you), playing outside, puzzles & all things with wheels (cars, trucks & trains). You are constantly on the move and are happy to “go-go” run errands with me during the day. In fact, while out you wave and say, “HI!” to everybody we see. And if they don’t acknowledge you, you just keep saying hello, louder and louder, each time until they say hi back. It’s cute–the first time it happens–so we are working on it. You also love your Gigi, or Gerald the Giraffe. He’s your buddy and even though the poor guy looks like his neck is completely broken & hanging on by a thread, you love him.


Mav, I could write forever about what a special little boy you are to so many people in our lives. You have absolutely no idea how loved you really are and the best thing is how much love you have to give back. Much like your Daddy, hugs and kisses aren’t something you shy away from. In fact, they are usually accompanied with a high-five to top it all off.

Your second year of life is going to be filled with even more changes as you become a big brother!! Trust me, I know it’s not easy having a little sibling. Your Aunt Haggie nearly ruined my life with her arrival, but I promise you it’s worth it. Baby Sister will be your best friend and I know you will be a great teacher & protector to her. And while our family adjusts to being having another little one to love, always remember that you were my first baby–the one that made me a mommy–and for that you will always be my baby boy.

Happy Birthday, Maverick! I love you and I am so proud of you.

xoxo Mommy