Memorial Day in Ellis

Does anybody else feel like they are still recovering from their long weekend because I sure do?! I know it’s already Wednesday, but my goodness I need a vacation from my vacation.

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Ellis, Kan., which is where Shawn is from. It’s a very small town about 4 hours west of Kansas City. We left Friday afternoon, around nap time, so the kids would sleep in the car and only had to make 1 stop the whole drive! Kennedy woke up from her nap outside of Salina, Kan., so we stopped at a gas station for diaper changes & snacks.

This trip was the first Brack Family Road Trip in the new minivan and words cannot describe how much I love this car! Not only did we fit ALL THE THINGS that my 2 tiny people require, but I had feet space in the front seat & nothing was blocking Shawn’s view in back! Plus, when Kennedy lost her shit with about an hour left to go, I just jumped in the 3rd row so I could entertain her (and clean up the entire Starbucks cookie that Maverick let melt everywhere).

The main reason we traveled to Ellis for the weekend was because it was Shawn’s 20th High School Reunion! On Saturday, we went to the reunion lunch and I got to meet Shawn’s old friends. It was so good to hear stories of high school Shawn (spoiler alert: nothing has changed in 20 years) and finally meet some people that I only knew through Christmas card exchanges.


Ellis High School, Class of 1997

There was a reunion dance that evening, but at last minute we scraped those plans & decided to take the kids to the races with Shawn’s best friend, Christy. It was cold, the cars were loud, the track was muddy & Maverick LOVED every single second of it.


He kept saying, “Fast cars. Very fast cars” and when 2 of the cars crashed (very minor crashes), Maverick got excited & kept saying, “Crash.” He was very into watching the Jeeps tow the crashed cars away.


Kennedy had not napped all day (shocking, I know), so I put her in my Tula for the races & strapped some headphones on her. It was so loud, even when we sat far away & I was worried about her little ears. I don’t know if it was the muffled noise or being strapped to my chest, but Kennedy had the best nap of the entire weekend while we were at the track.


Sunday we spent the day with Shawn’s mom. We went to eat lunch at one of Shawn’s local favorites, Taco Shop, and we had to check out the new snow cone shop in the mall. I will say, those snow cones were some of the best we’ve ever had. They were the perfect ice to syrup ratio. After naps, we finished off the day at Shawn’s grandmother’s house for dinner & some outside play time.



I love that Maverick & Kennedy get to spend time with their great-grandparents. It’s something I never got to do & I know it means the world to Shawn.


And it’s pretty cool to see 4 generations of Brack’s together.


Overall it was a great weekend, but we were all very excited to home. There’s just nothing like sleeping in your own bed, you know?

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!



Mother’s Day Weekend 2017

How is it already Wednesday?! I was hoping to get this post out earlier in the week, but I blinked and suddenly the week is half over. But I still wanted to share all about my Mother’s Day weekend, because it was pretty perfect (despite all the crying from my children).

We kicked the weekend off on Saturday with the Kansas City Northern Railroad’s National Train Day. Just a few minutes from our house is a miniature railroad track that runs during the summer months and for National Train Day, they had free train rides, as well as inflatables, food trucks & other family-friendly activities. It was so hot and crowded, but the lines moved super quick and Maverick had a blast.


Of course we had to ride the miniature train. Kennedy slept in her Tula and Maverick sat with Shawn. Last summer when we rode the train he was a little scared, especially when it goes through the tunnel, but this time around he was all about it!!


After the train ride, we visited the model train museum that was there. I think Maverick would have stayed there ALL DAY watching those trains. He was in awe!


We had planned to eat lunch there and enjoy the sunshine, but it was so hot and Maverick was quickly approaching the point between Nap Time & Overly Tired, so we hurried home to get the kids to sleep.

While I laid down with Kennedy, Shawn decided he was going to run to a car dealership to look at yet another minivan. Quick backstory–we have been shopping for a minivan for about a year now. We knew the exact one we wanted & had a price in mind, but nothing ever seemed to pan out. Shawn, the eternal optimist, continued the search over a course of a year and every once in a while would make trips out to various dealerships to see if it was “the one.” I had long given up my dream of driving a mini, so when he told me he was cleaning out the SUV “just in case,” I just smiled and let him be.

Fast forward to an hour later and Shawn called me asking if I can meet him at the dealership to sign the paperwork!! I could NOT believe it! I woke the kids up, threw them in the truck and before the dealership closed, I drove away in my brand new 2017 Toyota Sienna.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 9.55.46 PM


I swore I would never drive a minivan, but you guys, I’m driving one and I have never been more in love with a vehicle. Maverick can get in and out of the car all by himself and I don’t have to worry about him running out into the parking lot while I get Kennedy in and out of her carseat. Not to mention, I can fit both the double stroller AND the groceries in the trunk. I mean, seriously, it’s the little things that make my heart go pitter-patter.

And what else says Happy Mother’s Day better than a grocery getter? Oh, that’s right, the fact that my children were absolute nightmares the whole day on Sunday!

Like a lot of moms, I had high expectations for Mother’s Day, but when my children woke up extra early and crying, I knew my dream of having a day of not “momming” was over. We had plans to meet my mom & my sister at Ted’s for lunch that afternoon and I’m honestly surprised we even made it out the door. It was as if my children knew I wanted a day off and revolted by having epic meltdowns over nothing. When we finally did make it to the restaurant, we all had to take turns defusing toddler tantrums and walking around with Kennedy to keep her from screaming. I was supposed to go shopping with them after lunch, but I knew there was no way Shawn could handle this on his own (I mean, I could barely handle them) so we came home.

Lucky for me, we did eventually get Maverick down for a nap and Shawn pushed me out the door so I could go to Target for some alone time. I spent almost 2 hours cruising the aisles and shopping for new car accessories for my mini van (and no, I’m not joking either).

While the actual Mother’s Day wasn’t perfect, the weekend as a whole was, because it was spent with my family. Plus, my kids quit acting like lunatics for 3 whole seconds so I could snap this picture on my first Mother’s Day as a Mom of 2.


And how can you possibly not love that?



Happy Friday! Here are 5 random things to top off your week:

one. Remember when I said that our annual matching family Christmas pajamas was one of my most favorite things ever? Well, guess what arrived in the mail this week?! I found this year’s set at The Children’s Place. Yes, even for Shawn & I! They have adult sizes in their sleepwear section! I was shocked and the best part, they were 50% off and I got free shipping. Is it Christmas Eve yet?!


two. On Wednesday, Maverick spent all afternoon & evening wearing only his shirt and raincoat. He saw it hanging in his closet after his nap and requested he wear it. It was absolutely adorable!


Since his birthday is coming up in December, I’m wondering if I should get him some dress up clothes? I think he would LOVE this.


three. Speaking of jackets that my son loves to wear, I found this little gem at Sears. It’s perfect for these fall mornings we have been having. It’s fleece-lined so its warmer than a regular hoodie, but lighter than his winter coat. Best part? It’s on sale!


four. I pride myself on being a great planner, but I have desperately failed with Halloween this year. I haven’t even begun to prepare Maverick’s costume and when I was looking at the calendar this morning, I realized that I scheduled my pregnancy glucose test for the morning AFTER Halloween!! Looks like I’ll be celebrating this weekend with candy and not on Monday evening. Boo.

five. Shawn has been traveling for work and has been gone every week this month, but today he comes home and is home for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! This is big!! I hope he is ready for it because this mama needs a nap.

Happy Friday everybody!! Have a great weekend!

Weekend Recap

Mondays are usually a drag, but today starts a week of Shawn being home on vacation, which is really just the icing on the cake to a great weekend!

We had a family day on Friday at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. I had tried to take Maverick by myself a few weeks ago, but it was so hot and miserable, we didn’t stay long. Luckily, this time the weather was absolutely beautiful and Shawn was there to keep up with Maverick while this pregnant mama brought up the rear.


Maverick’s favorite part was by far the baby goats. He wasn’t interested in feeding them the bottles, but he sure loved petting them!


We tried checking out the ducks and the fish, but Maverick could have cared less. He was just upset that he couldn’t get in the pond to swim with them.



Seriously though, could these guys get any cuter?! LOVE!

We also did the wagon ride, walked through the butterfly garden and enjoyed a sack lunch before heading home for a long nap. It really was a great day with my boys!


Friday night one of Maverick’s favorite teachers from his daycare days came over to babysit so Shawn and I could enjoy a double date with my Mom & step-father, Wayne. We went to Dave & Busters and had an absolute blast! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Plus who doesn’t love arcade games and photo booths?


On Sunday, my mom came over early to help Shawn paint the nursery. In an effort to escape the fumes, Maverick and I met my best friend, Brittany (or better known as Aunt B) at the most delicious bagel place–Meshuggah Bagels. For Kansas City locals, it’s on 39th Street and while the place itself is small inside, the bagels are absolutely to die for!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab any pictures because Maverick not only ate most of his plain bagel with cinnamon sugar schmear, but he also enjoyed part of my sesame bagel with their seasonal pumpkin pie schmear. But trust me when I say they were THE BEST! Maybe we’ll just have to make this a regular Sunday morning outing?

After bagels, Maverick and I ran a few more errands and came home to a painted nursery for Baby Brack #2. The color couldn’t be more perfect, but I’m keeping it a secret until we get it all decorated.

It really was a great weekend and I’m so excited that house projects are getting checked off the list. In fact, I think while Shawn is off this week we are going to try and paint the master bedroom too since it’s the only room in the house that we haven’t painted yet. Plus, we’ll be getting ready for our annual trip to Dallas to visit my grandma.

Hope you have a happy Monday!